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Cook Farm, established circa 1868 by Richard L. Cook and Cook Farm Cowspresently under the stewardship of Oscar T. Cook, Jr., is now raising grass-fed, natural beef for you to purchase for your freezer. Allow us to make it easy for you to serve your family locally grown, lean beef free of hormones, steroids, growth promotants and antibiotics and providing superior health benefits, nutrition and taste.

Our herd, recognized as one of the region’s best, is a mixture of Angus and Limousine genetics. These breeds were selected because they are proven to complement each other in producing offspring whose beef is high in lean muscle while retaining flavor and tenderness. A selected number of our yearlings have been raised on a diet of only mother’s milk and free-range forage, supplemented by a salt, mineral and vitamin mix necessary to optimize each animal’s well-being.

Mom and BabtThese selected yearlings were allowed to remain with and to nurse their mothers until they were 10 months old and their moms had decided that it was about time to wean them naturally. Post-weaning they continued to receive no grain. They are being finished on free-range grass instead of on the faster and more profitable approach to finishing on corn in a confinement feedlot.

This is a return to traditional, sustainable methods of producing beef the way Nature intended. The anatomy of cattle is uniquely designed to convert cellulose - grasses, legumes and other herbaceous plants - into muscle protein.

Raising cattle on a diet of forage is the natural, sensible way toOscar Cook at Boston Georgia Farm produce lean beef having optimal nutritional value and health benefits. Corn is not the natural diet of cattle. Force feeding corn (much of which is genetically modified) in confinement feedlots actually reduces the nutritional benefits of beef while adding excessive body fat.



We welcome the opportunity to “show off” our cattle in their natural environment and to discuss our production philosophy. An appointment is required in order to enter the pastures for a close-up and personal visit.


Oscar T. Cook, Jr.
305 Old Hwy 84 East Boston, Georgia 31626

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By way of comparison, grass-fed ground beef, when it can be found, sells in supermarkets for $5.99 to $7.99 per pound. When buying a Cook Farm whole or half grass-fed beef, you will receive not only ground beef but also steaks and roasts as well. When they can be found, steaks and roasts sell for $8.99 to $16.99 per pound in supermarkets.  

Oscar T. Cook, Jr. ~ 305 Old Hwy 84 East ~ Boston, Georgia 31626
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