Over one hundred “sweet” years and counting!  Confections have been produced by the Dillon family since 1918 when George Dillon began making candy in the back room of a grocery store in Brunswick, Georgia.  From this origin to locations in Thomasville, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida, and since 1956 in Boston, Georgia, the art of fashioning handmade brittles and other nut candies has been kept alive by the Dillon family.  Currently the founder’s grandson, Tom Cook, continues a three generation tradition of candy-making excellence.  


A few years after retiring from his Jacksonville, Florida candy manufacturing business and moving to Boston, Georgia in the 1950’s, George Dillon started piddling with a candy furnace and copper kettle in a converted horse barn behind the family residence.  Soon he was involving family members in producing and packaging candies to be delivered by car to area merchants.  This evolved into a successful “cottage business” for Mr. and Mrs. Dillon.  Dillon Candy Company’s modern history begins in 1983, when, after George Dillon’s death, his widow and daughter incorporated the business and initiated a controlled but steady expansion of sales and markets.


Today, Dillon Candy Company is widely acclaimed to be the premier manufacturer of gourmet-quality, specialty nut candies.  Dillon’s candies are sold in gourmet and specialty food venues, to tourist and travel venues, internet and mail order catalogs and to gift packers throughout the United States and in Canada, and the Caribbean.  Most sales are under the Dillon brand with some products being private labeled for select, major retailers.


Dillon’s candies are still made using procedures much the same as those used by George Dillon.  Small batches are hand stirred and cooked in copper kettles.  Brittles are hand stretched.  Nut rolls are hand worked utilizing only the finest pecans, cashews and peanuts.  Each step in the candy making process is carefully monitored to ensure consistently high quality.  The quality of Dillon’s candies is virtually impossible to achieve in highly automated, mass-production processes.  This is strikingly demonstrated by the Company’s specialty, pecan and peanut brittles.  These incredibly thin and crisp, golden pieces of candy invariably bring forth the comment, “Your brittle is the best I’ve ever eaten!”  Topping sales are Gourmet Pecan Rolls, which consist of a light, fluffy nougat center, dipped in rich caramel and then rolled in fancy pecan pieces.  Dillon’s has elevated this traditional Southern confection to new heights of quality and taste.  Dillon’s is the benchmark by which other pecan rolls are measured.


Present owner and President, Tom Cook, states that quality is foremost at Dillon Candy Company — quality in products, quality in presentations, quality in service and quality in customer relations.  Cook summarizes the Company’s philosophy as follows:  “Produce the best quality candy possible by using the highest quality ingredients and sell at a price which delivers a good value to our customers.”

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