Wholesale Ordering Terms
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A $100 minimum is required on initial orders.  Subsequent orders have no minimum requirement other than full case lots; however, a $5.00 handling charge is added to orders under $75.00.  Prices are FOB Boston, GA 31626.  Written, telephone, fax or e-mail orders are accepted.  Prices are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.  The first two orders must be prepaid by cash, check, money order or credit card. All orders to be shipped outside the continental United States must be prepaid. A request for open account terms will be processed after the second order upon request. The request must be accompanied by a minimum of 3 trade references and 1 banking reference which must include addresses, fax numbers and telephone numbers. Processing usually takes 2-4 weeks. Once credit is approved, terms are "net 15 days." A finance charge of 1 1/2 % per month is added to past due accounts. Shipment will not be made while an account is past due. Accounts running more than 30 days past due will be shipped prepaid only. Returned checks incur a $25 service charge.


SHIPMENT: Except during October, November and December (when up to three weeks lead time may occasionally be required), orders usually are filled in less than one week. Orders under 300 pounds are usually shipped by UPS or FEDEX unless the customer otherwise specifies. During the months of June, July, August and September, we recommend refrigerated shipment for our brittles unless time in transit is not more than 2 days. Refrigerated shipment by truck line usually requires a minimum order of 500 total pounds. Please inspect cartons, packages and product. We must be notified of all claims for damage within 3 days after product is received. You are responsible for having the carrier document and acknowledge obvious damage. File claims with carrier and retain damaged cartons and product for inspection by carrier. Do not return product without authorization. For UPS and Federal Express a $6.00 charge will be incurred for each box when customer furnishes an incorrect or incomplete shipping address or fails to provide a written update for each shipping address change.


SHELF LIFE: Dillon's handmade candies are guaranteed fresh when shipped. Shelf life for full freshness and flavor of our candies is understandably somewhat limited. Please insure that your customers purchase fresh products by carefully monitoring your stock and observing these shelf life guidelines. Ordering no more that you can sell within 60 days is encouraged.


Georgia businesses are required to supply a sales tax exempt ID number on a tax exempt form at the time of the first order. If not supplied, Georgia sales tax will be charged.


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